Eagles Will Fly Campaign

Support 450+ Eastern Student-Athletes 

Support 450+ Eastern Student-Athletes

The "Eagles Will Fly" campaign is the comprehensive effort to combat the financial effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on Eastern Athletics. Prudent budget planning has been undertaken, while realistically facing revenue shortfalls. By participating in the "Eagles Will Fly" campaign you are supporting the ongoing efforts of 450+ student-athletes proud to represent the BLOCK E in the Green & White.

How to Support:

  1. Select Your Area of Impact
    • EX. - Student-Athlete Well Being
  2. Choose Your Gift Amount
    • ​​EX. - $100
  3. Help a Student-Athlete Take Flight!  

Areas of Impact: 

Student-Athlete Well Being

  • Academics, Medical Care, Nutrition, Mental Health, Strength & Conditioning

Sport Specific Giving

  • Operational support of the Varsity program of your choice

To learn more and hear from Director of Athletics, Scott Wetherbee, please click here.

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