Model UN Conference 2022

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Model UN Conference 2022

The United Nations Association at Eastern Michigan University has been sending EMU students to Model United Nations conferences around the country and across the globe. 

Some of the 2022 AMUN attendees at the Union Station in Chicago.In concert with the Model United Nations class, offered every year to EMU students, the UNA has been teaching students research, problem solving, public speaking, and negotiating skills that offer great value in the professional world. This is in addition to gaining greater understanding of the functions of international organizations, multilateral diplomacy, and the challenges that face our world today and in the future.

All the while, we’ve fostered a strong team based on the principles of collaboration and community, and that will give us friendships that will last long after we leave EMU.

In recent years, we've been able to attend virtual conferences, which still offer valuable learning experiences and an opportunity to meet people from around the world. In 2023, we are hoping to once again travel in person to international conferences in order to offer even richer and more unique ways to learn about diplomacy and international relations. 

Every year, we are able to offer these unforgettable trips to up to dozens of students because of generous donors like you, who help us to afford the registration fees and travel expenses which are a necessary part of our endeavors. 

Thank you. 

Hear from current Model UN students!

"Taking part in Model United Nations conferences has taught me more about effective communication, negotiation, and diplomacy than any other experience I have had in my college career. I've met people from around the United States and around the world, and I've learned about different cultures and values from people who grew up with them - and I've met some of my closest friends this way. These conferences have given me a more comprehensive understanding of how issues of political power, social justice, human rights, and even administrative organization affect our globalized world. I have gained a greater sense of appreciation for the international community and sense of responsibility for my place in it. After participating in Model UN conferences, my view of the world around me is forever changed."

- Jessi Kwek, President of the United Nations Association and AMUN 2022 Representative of Morocco in the Historical Security Council

"I was debating joining Model UN because I’m not a political science major and anticipated feeling behind or left out. However, once I was actually in the course and club, I realized that for most members MUN was a new experience. We were able to help each other learn and grow as MUN representatives. I can now safely say from experience that Model UN is for all types of students. 

Model UN provides the unique opportunity for students to simulate a UN convention and meet with other model UN students from other colleges and nations. It also teaches important life skills like time management, public speaking, diplomacy, and countless others."

- Madison Wampler, Secretary of the United Nations Association and AMUN 2022 Representative of Morocco on the Economic and Financial Committee

"Model United Nations has not only provided me with a chance to practice the diplomatic skills my peers and I learn, but it offers a space where we can be supported the entire way of our journey. Without these experiences from Model UN, I would have never gotten the chance to meet students from across the nation who have the same passions as I do. I would have never spoken to individuals who worked in the same fields that I aim for in the future. But most importantly I would have never found the confidence to believe in myself when it comes to pursuing my dreams. Model UN serves as a platform, resource, and foundation for myself and those around me in the program. I sincerely hope that future generations at Eastern Michigan University get to experience what I have."

- David Reyes, AMUN 2022 Representative of Iraq on the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee

"Model United Nations has taught me many valuable life skills, such as honing my public speaking abilities, being able to conversate with strangers, problem solving, and compromise. It has also taught me how to carry myself and speak in highly professional settings and work with others for a common goal."

- Louise Engohang, AMUN 2022 Representative of Morocco in the General Assembly Plenary

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